Workaway - The Easiest Way to Travel

If somebody asks me why I went to Colombia, then I would probably say, it was a feeling, one that I definitely could not resist ;)

You always hear bad and good things about a country but never really know if that perception is true. In my experience, it’s not and often the good things are not as good and the bad things are not as bad. Especially after was watching Narcos the perception of Colombia was confused with that of Narcos as this series is entertaining but total bullshit if it comes down to reality. I have not watched the series myself but can say that by only experiencing Colombia itself.

My big three things in Colombia were, getting to know the country, learning Spanish and coming closer to where I want to be in the future.
As there is not as much money for photography in Colombia as in Germany, I looked for ways to offer my help and creativity and found, that basically works like work and travel on the entire world. 
After getting a bit more used to the Colombian lifestyle I started my first project with Wayuuhammocks, a Colombian brand that sells hammocks worldwide.
There I was, right away living with a Colombian Family, doing what I love - photography. It was a short but nice stay as I wanted to continue my travels up to the coast.

Hasta luego!

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