JUST DO IT has basically become a mantra for life. Whenever I had a big decision to make it was best to just do it rather than think about it. After coming back from my little round trip in Europe, the idea of going to Colombia still did not leave me alone.

So in September I just booked a flight to Medellin, trusting life that everything will work out (as it always has been).
Fortunately, I had a good friend Mario living there who welcomed me and I was not totally lost, rarely speaking the language ;)

I used the one month before my flight to finish some jobs with Kai Knörzer, Jürgen Altmann, and Simone Schneider and a little shoot with Sarah in Stuttgart while preparing for my trip. I have been living in Canada for 3 months and England for 3 years but going away to Colombia for 4 months (as first planned) was a new challenge especially not speaking the language.

My opinion was always that man (or woman) should be able to live out of one suitcase as I have practiced over the last years. So I only gathered the most important that I would need for the 4 months and yeah all my camera and video gear was already like 1/4 of it ;) 

So finally the day came, Friday the 13th of Oktober, my date to fly out to Colombia (and don’t worry, I do not believe in the falsehood of Friday the 13th haha).
I learned to enjoy flying although I almost shit in my pants when I first took an 8-hour airplane ride to Toronto when I was 16 - alone.
Of course, I got ripped off on my first ride from the airport to Medellin in Colombia but let’s forgive this guy, he probably needs the money more than me.

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